Squat the lot

As New York cracks down hard on the Occupy Wall Street protesters in Zuccotti Park and the Corporation of London serve notice on the London branch of the Occupy movement at St. Paul’s, Occupy LSX has performed a smart counterattack by taking over a vacant UBS building in the city.

This is a clever move by Occupy LSX, sending a message to politicians and the masters of global finance that this movement has legs and won’t be easily crushed: the level of discontent runs too deep.

If the government and the city authorities are embarrassed by the presence of protestors on the steps of St. Paul’s and Finsbury Square, they will now be regretting ever trying to evict them; hitting the protestors with a hammer will only create smaller, more widely dispersed fragments that will be harder to clean up.

You can read details of this ‘public repossession’ on the Bank of Ideas website as well as finding details of upcoming events.