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Who will enter the Bankruptcy Hall of Fame?

It’s almost time to close the piss-takers parade that is the ‘Bankruptcy Heroes’ poll and announce a winner. However, the audacious debt-dodging deeds of regular punters Phillip Hoare & Leigh Cooke, have put them way out in front of the chasing pack and this pair are currently neck-and-neck with 21% of the vote each!

An outright winner is needed so I can track them down to present them with their award: a copy of The Bankruptcy Diaries and an interview slot on this blog.

So, please cast your votes and decide who should enter the Bankruptcy Hall of Fame – should it be the ex-copper with many vices, or the smash ‘n’ grab chancer?

You can cast your vote by visiting the Bankruptcy Heroes page. Voting closes at the end of the month 30/11/2011

Judge Nicholas Chambers QC has become an unlikely Bankruptcy Hero after deciding in a recent court case to write-off a customer’s £20,270 debt to MBNA, ruling that the credit card company and their debt collection minions had ‘tortured’ borrower Keith Harrison with the frequency of their phone calls.

Debtors 1 Credit Cronies 0

 Mr Harrison argued that he wasn’t sent the Terms & Conditions when he took out the credit card, and this was contrary to the Consumer Credit Regulations 1983. As MBNA could not prove that they had sent out the T & C’s, the judge ruled in Mr Harrison’s favour.

 In condemning the insidious practises of the credit industry, the Judge’s comments make for fascinating reading:

 “In my view, the Claimant rightly complains that, mainly by MBNA but also by the Defendant [debt collectors Link Financial], he was hounded by telephone calls seeking payment of what was said to be due. The calls were a form of torture oppressively frequent in amount and often without attribution to an identifiable number.”

 It seems to me that such conduct has no proper function in the recovery of consumer debt.”

 “[There] can be no excuse for conduct of which it must be supposed the sole purpose must have been to make the Claimant’s life so difficult that he would come to heel. I cannot think that in a society that is otherwise so sensitive of a consumer’s position this is conduct that should countenanced.”

By highlighting the fact that the calls were often from an ‘unidentifiable number’, the judge brings attention to the psychological effects of the money-chasers bullying methods. Hopefully this judgement can be the start of a process which sees such practices outlawed for good.

To read the full text of this excellent judgement click here – it’s very short.

The comment section of this Yahoo finance article also makes for interesting reading.

It’s time to laugh in the face of debt. Whether you just want some light-hearted relief from the gloom of indebtedness, or have serious rebellious intentions then you’re in the right place.

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High Turnout Expected

Now that I’ve become more au fait with the gadgets on WordPress I’ve set up a poll at the end of the Bankruptcy Heroes page.

Cast your votes and the winner will be announced when I arbitrarily decide to close the poll.

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