Debt Fugitives, the international community of people on the run from the long arm of the debt recovery agencies.


Two new Fugitives:

Hey there,

skipped the UK last year, 50k on 6 different cards. not saying where i am – too scared. it ain’t sunny but love the squatting life in this funkee town. brilliant website. keep up the good work

Mr —sound of train rumbling past – – –

(Via email)

That’s the spirit – Max Out, Bail Out, Chill Out


Greetings from Asia, I have a story to join your club.

I came to England to study business and make money for my family. I worked many years and was very successful. After nearly ten years it was time to return home. Before I left I had two credit cards with crazy spending limits I knew I could spend them and they would never find me. The last two months I took all my friends and colleagues on expensive meals in first class places. They didn’t know what I was doing but they will all remember the top man.

(Name withheld)

Welcome to the club. I wonder how many others in your position realised they could do this? What I’d really like to know is whether you made a couple of big cash withdrawals at the airport?


Our first Debt Fugitive Writes:

Awesome site! Been over in Brazil for 5 years since leaving Aus and over $50k of bills. Now married to a local girl. Everything’s sweet as. Never, ever going back.

Azza (not my real name) (Via email).

Thanks, you’re our first debt fugitive. I don’t care what your real name is – you think I’m really called Anthony Norman Other?