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Who will enter the Bankruptcy Hall of Fame?

It’s almost time to close the piss-takers parade that is the ‘Bankruptcy Heroes’ poll and announce a winner. However, the audacious debt-dodging deeds of regular punters Phillip Hoare & Leigh Cooke, have put them way out in front of the chasing pack and this pair are currently neck-and-neck with 21% of the vote each!

An outright winner is needed so I can track them down to present them with their award: a copy of The Bankruptcy Diaries and an interview slot on this blog.

So, please cast your votes and decide who should enter the Bankruptcy Hall of Fame – should it be the ex-copper with many vices, or the smash ‘n’ grab chancer?

You can cast your vote by visiting the Bankruptcy Heroes page. Voting closes at the end of the month 30/11/2011

High Turnout Expected

Now that I’ve become more au fait with the gadgets on WordPress I’ve set up a poll at the end of the Bankruptcy Heroes page.

Cast your votes and the winner will be announced when I arbitrarily decide to close the poll.

It’s Friday so it’s time for some light relief. Check out this ‘Bohemian Bankruptcy’ video from the team at


I sometimes wish I’d never gone buy-to-let…


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