It’s the year 2000 and Paul Livingson is in his first office job in Bristol. With student debts hanging over him, Paul still wants to live the high life: holidays in Europe, booze-fuelled nights of excess, designer fashions. But how to do it all? Easy! More credit! Spending gets even easier when Paul meets Kelly, an inspiring, free-spirited singer in a band with whom he falls in love. Written in the form of a diary, this book is about losing control and learning to regain it. It is about putting individuality above consumerism and asking who is responsible for the financial meltdown that more and more people face everyday. Is it all down to personal responsibility? Or does the system encourage massive debt that makes slaves of us all just for a handful of profits? An entertaining, honest and thought-provoking book that makes Lao Tse’s great point: doing nothing, everything is done.

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Reviews of The Bankruptcy Diaries

A dishonest but appealing hero – N16 Mag review.

‘There is something very refreshing about one man’s revolt against a revolting banking system’ – Hackney Hive review.

‘Readers of this book may be left with a lasting feeling of moral is this very same ambiguity that makes this book hugely compelling’ – Debtology Review.

‘Paul’s prose really sizzles with anger and sardonic wit’ – The Idle Foundation review.